You cannot purchase “Dying Light” on Switch through the EU eShop because the game is banned in Germany

Dying light May already be Nintendo Switch, But if you are eager to download and play this game in Europe, you are out of luck: the game is not available on the eShop because it is banned in Germany, it turns out.

The Switch port recently announced by Dying Light was supposed to go online yesterday, October 19, but frustrated players in the European Union noticed that it was never listed on the Switch’s digital storefront.In a post RedditA member of the Techland development team explained why the game is only available in certain EU entities.

They explained: “If you are talking about the digital version, then due to the nature of the content, the digital version of the game is currently banned in Germany, where the European e-shop is officially registered.”

“This makes it impossible to officially release the game in European countries as well as Australia and New Zealand. We are currently working with our partners and local authorities to lift the ban as soon as possible.”

If you are in the US or Asia region of the eShop, there is no problem downloading the game as a digital download; this only affects the EMEA region because Nintendo is registered in Germany in that region.

Dying Light on Nintendo Switch is a suitable port that includes all four main DLCs, 17 skin packs, and features touch screen support, gyroscope aiming, motion control, HR rumble, etc.

Due to the power of the cloud, “Dying Light 2” will also land on the platform. It will be launched on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S on February 4, 2022.